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Anaath enters a new chapter in his life and we all celebrate! That tiny little bundle is today a big fellow! The previous night Cindy was craving for me to cook chicken,  she ate her hearts desire and it was so filling that the next 30 minutes were spent walking […]

A time for everything!

Decisions have to be made in life and the tough ones are the hardest! For good reasons it was time to leave our home country, our local church, our parents, our friends, our loved ones and my work place and plant ourselves in a new place, familiar territory but it’s […]

The right model?

Tonight I’ve sat through two difficult moments. Difficult because in both occasions I was being acknowledged for the efforts made and the outcomes being positive. It’s great when people say nice things but, how often do I take the trouble to express my appreciation for someone who has done something […]

Heart of JOY!

Sunday was a really tiring day but I got a little time to catch a nap too! I had the opportunity of sharing Gods word in the morning and evening service and I was personally excited, this morning I am really asking WHY was I so excited? No, its not […]

It’s all about You!

Cindy was in deep sleep when the alarm went off, I lay awake pondering over the last 20 years of our marriage, what a journey it has been and what a lot to be thankful and grateful for. I slowly got out of bed to get ready for my morning […]

Today we will upgrade our car!

As the 4 of us gathered together, this topic is probably the most exciting subject, already we know what model and how much and when to get it and so on……. Our devotional passage is from Hebrews 13:1-6 and 4 strong points are raised: Show hospitality to strangers – we […]