Paul, when emphatically addressing the people of Philippi, encourages the people how to think different! He says something very interesting – that when we THINK about anything and everything, it should only be matters that are:

  • TRUE (consistent, real, actual),
  • NOBLE (fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals),
  • RIGHT (morally good, justified, or acceptable),
  • PURE (free of any contamination),
  • LOVELY (very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful),
  • ADMIRABLE (deserving respect and approval),
  • EXCELLENT (extremely good, outstanding) or
  • PRAISEWORTHY (showing the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in the sight of God)

Anything that is not of the above is ANXIETY. If we have the needed faith, well, we need to place it at HIS feet, because HE cares!

Family Devotion During Lock-Down

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