Paul, when emphatically addressing the people of Philippi, encourages the people how to think different! He says something very interesting – that when we THINK about anything and everything, it should only be matters that are:

  • TRUE (consistent, real, actual),
  • NOBLE (fine personal qualities or high moral principles and ideals),
  • RIGHT (morally good, justified, or acceptable),
  • PURE (free of any contamination),
  • LOVELY (very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful),
  • ADMIRABLE (deserving respect and approval),
  • EXCELLENT (extremely good, outstanding) or
  • PRAISEWORTHY (showing the qualities or abilities that merit recognition in the sight of God)
Click the following link to view YouTube video:

Anything that is not of the above is ANXIETY. If we have the needed faith, well, we need to place it at HIS feet, because HE cares!

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