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We don’t just create tea. We make it a people’s experience. SunnySide Tea Buds was created on the belief that enjoying a ‘cuppa’ tea should be special, and we carry that belief into everything we do.

Our Story

Welcome to SunnySide Tea Buds

A family generation of Tea planters, it was our belief to create something unique, which is an experience. Therefore, we chose a special and rare variety of the camellia sinensis plant to produce SunnySide Silver Tips, clone TRI 2043.

Our private tea field is perched at 1,000 meters above sea level in Ella, Sri Lanka, and our Silver Tips tea is lovingly crafted. SunnySide Silver Tips are delicate leaf-buds handpicked at the point of unfurling. Exceptionally pure and natural, SunnySide Silver Tips undergo the least processing, retaining higher levels of antioxidants than other teas with an exquisitely delicate flavor.

When infused, SunnySide Silver Tip tea brews to a pale golden color.

Discover The Benefits

Silver Tips tea is easily considered to be one of the more exclusive and exquisite teas in the world. When brewed, the SunnySide Silver Tips tea gives out a light, sweet and sublime taste that satisfies many palettes.

Did you know that with its unique taste, SunnySide Silver Tips tea benefits are plenty? From boosting the immune system to helping your mind stay focused on your daily tasks, this variety of Ceylon Tea does wonders for the body.

Adjust the amount of tea you add to your teapot to create the flavor which you enjoy the most.  If you prefer to make your tea stronger, you may wish to add more leaves, or if you prefer a mild brew, you may wish to use less leaves in your brewing.

SERVING YOUR SUNNYSIDE SILVER TIPS – After brewing your SunnySide Silver Tips tea, strain the leaves from the teapot and pour the liquor into your individual cup or cups to enjoy the refreshingly light mellow sweet flavor of the Silver Needle white tea. Adding hot water for your second cup can also give you a milder cup of tea!


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SunnySide Silver Tips 25g

SunnySide Silver Tips are packed in two airtight sachets to maintain their freshness. (Our tea is shipped from source. Shipping fee not included in price. We use a local courier service for shipments within Sri Lanka. For overseas shipments, please provide DHL or FedEx account #)


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