I am not feeling well today…

I woke up with a fever yesterday, did not feel good, body pains and just lethargic.

My wife and son took care of my needs, I just rested the entire day.

I stayed home today, said it’s best I rest despite no fever. My wife met some friends and when they asked her about me, she was honest, ‘he is resting as he is feeling unwell’

That’s when the SHTF!!

Some looked at her with disgust.

Some questioned her, demanding my symptoms.

Some wanted to be sure I was confined in hospital.

After she got home, we discussed what happened, it’s no surprise. I am known for my travels. I am immediately a suspect of the Corona virus.

Last night my dear friend called me to meet for dinner and I told him that I was not in my best and wanted to rest. He mentioned how scared he was to fall sick, only now did I understand what he meant!

If I am unwell, I am looked upon as ‘Satan’, without a doubt no one wants to have me around. Many years back, a great teacher met 10 lepers who were cast out, he engaged with them and healed them! He did not run away! I am so blessed my family is with me, my friends will reject me for being unwell, imagine if I am infected with the Corona virus, they would not dare to visit me, even in my coffin!!

Misinformation during times of a health crisis can spread paranoia, fear, and stigmatization. This is also what prevents us humans to genuinely care and love one another. Any sign of sickness today gets us all worked up. We learn that love is patient, yet when we hear of sickness we panic. We learn that love is kind, yet the thought of someone sick makes us walk quickly away, we learn that live does not dishonor, yet in a situation like this, we care less about who it is, we focus on our selves and our protection. And so I ask, where is that LOVE in the midst of Corona virus?

It’s also very clear to me that we are afraid to die! The death toll to date is 3,600, 3% of the infected population.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.

Philippians 1:21 NIV

I have assurance of eternal life and I desire that everyone can have this assurance. All it takes is “that everyone who believes may have eternal life in him.” John 3:15

Corona virus has surely separated us humans from the teaching and demonstration of Gods supreme love. If we are His disciples, His promise is that He will be with us! If we are with Him, who can be against us? Who can separate us from the love of Christ?

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