About Myself!

My Haggai experience was an amazing opportunity and I was able to make many personal discoveries, one being the discovery of writing and the thrill I got from how many were impacted by reading my personal experiences. I began to discovered that I was able to unlock a God-given potential to write!

I observed how our facilitators shared their personal experiences and how it impacted others. I observed this in many aspects of life, be it at work or at home or at church, we are able to impact others through what we have experienced. My desire to write was mostly impacted when one of my facilitator at the Haggai Institute shared his own journal, a daily journal that had been written for many years and continued to be done even to this day!

I have began updating my journal, its not regular but, I pray that I can have the discipline to do this daily. I pray that through my sharing I can reach others. My hope is that I can be an inspiration to others, be intentional and have accountability just as in Mathew 28:20. To be a part of this, I need to Pray, Connect and Give my time for others.

The support of family is the greatest joy, we can do this together and help us get stronger for the greater purpose!

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