Love My Mask!

The New Normal, the New REALITY!

Seventy plus days later, I am on the road to work, it surely was not like Seventy days prior, I have more precautions to take for the safety of others and myself, this IS the New Normal indeed!

Wearing a mask has fascinated me!

Hide my Yawn:

As I rode the elevator to get to my office, I was yawning, as it was after many days that I was waking up early! Usually I would place my palm over my mouth, mom taught me this, I know it has hygiene and good manners attached! However, this morning, I did not need to bring my palm over my mouth, I had a mask on and, the mask did the job! The beauty is that no one can see me yawning either! Wow, I love my mask!

Hide my Frown:

As I approached the main entrance to my office, there were many new instructions. Sanitize, no touching, no using the bio-metric scanner! So now, I have to think carefully how I open the door and enter. Guess what, I am annoyed and I am frowning. The CCTV camera across me, watching my moves, cannot see me frown, I do not need to be nice and calm! Isn’t that cool! Wow, I love my mask!

Hide my Anger: On entry, the office smells of dust, dampness, stale food in the garbage, oh yes, we never got to office for 70 plus days. Roaches are running around and I am forgetting that we were in a lock-down, I am getting angry and I am looking for attention by expressing my anger through annoyed facial expressions. Why isn’t anyone noticing me? I raise my voice and there is some attention!

Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit,
    for anger resides in the lap of fools.

Do not say, “Why were the old days better than these?”
    For it is not wise to ask such questions.

Ecclesiastes 7:9-10

So I pause, I know that I can now hide my anger (expressions and not voice!) behind my mask! Wow, I love my mask!

Hide my Frustration: As the day progresses, much happens and I am also getting very frustrated. People walk up to me joyfully and ask a question or pass a remark, they have no idea that I am frustrated behind my mark! I am able to see another side to life, people talk to me! I was missing attention for who I was in the past! Wow, I love my mask!

Hide my True Self: And this is what affects me the most. When the Psalmist says “I hate and detest falsehood but I love your law“, I am reminded that my walk has to be a living example, people seeing me should know me for someone they see as true. I must be an individual with ACTIONS of love, I must be REAL, be it with or without a mask!

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  1. I love this pups the way you have written. I didnt know that you were angry the first day that you walked into the office.


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