Our Pastor asked us this question a few Sundays back. I was scrambling for an answer, sorry, true, I could not say it!

“Can you define LOVE in one sentence? What do you think is the greatest measurement of love?”

Dr Peter Tan-Chi

February is known as the ‘LOVE MONTH’ and everything we do is surrounded by love, nice feeling, great for business, we are all in this jolly good mood indeed! When a certain Pharisee asked the greatest teacher of all times as to ‘What is the greatest Commandment’, the man was quite taken aback when he was told that it was to Love God with all his heart and Soul and, to love his neighbor as his self! Interesting as it may be, why I ask is this so important? The answer was clear, because love is the fulfillment of the Law. If we love God and others, then we will obey all of God’s commands!

As we look around us, it is really very hard to find real love. Honestly, there is no real love, we are constantly at battle, finding fault is something we are so good at going! The fact is that ‘REAL’ love is from God, for God is love! The key to understand real love is to know and experience God and when you experience God, we will experience love, because everything starts with God! It is as simple as it is said, however, some of us experience religion and have not yet experienced love because, we have not known God in a real sense.

Ài is LOVE in Chinese and why did I chose the Chinese language? As I write, China tirelessly continues to battle the coronavirus. Many are infected, many lives lost, many families grieving, and, many of us care less, as a matter-of-fact, we ‘run away’ the moment we see a Chinese. Some express sympathy and show genuine concern and for the people in China, the response from those around the world leaves the Chinese people, both deeply humbled and strongly resistant.

China Global Television Network, or CGTN, is an international media organization

We have become so paranoid and its all because we are afraid to die. However, the hard fact remains that if we truly say we love God and yet hate our dear sisters and brothers, be it from China or any where, we are truly liars, for how can we love God who is unseen, yet hate our sisters and brother who are surely seen?

I was deeply moved today to receive this information from a friend that a team of volunteers have traveled from the US to support the fight against the virus. I for one did not even think of extending my support in any way, I am ashamed, and I am so grateful for those who risked their lives to help others in a time of need.

People will know that we are from God if we truly and genuinely love others. Love is more than a feeling; it is a commitment — a command of God. It is also a commitment to love imperfect, unhealthy, sick, not-so-nice people. True love also means seeking the highest good of others, which often requires sacrifice on our part.

  • Do our family members, office mates, or schoolmates know that we love God? How do they know this, do they see it in our lives?
  • Do we find it easier to love God than people?

A few days back, all of our office mates embarked on a journey to help a school in a very remote city. As we spent the afternoon with them, the one thing that kept coming up in our minds was how grateful we are for what we have, when we see what the others do not have. We were truly blessed to be with them!

How can we pray for those that we do not normally show love to — members in our family, at work, our neighborhood, or our government leaders and officials? Can we pray for their obvious and not-so-obvious needs like their spiritual needs? How can I do one thing this week that will show I love my God – by showing love to the people I am praying for?

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  1. We love because He first loved us. When we are no longer loving, go back to the First Love, to Him who loves us unconditionly and even gave His life for us.


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