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Tried a Stress Test?

I ask myself what is wealth if acquired at the cost of my health, what if I experience untimely death? But despite asking this, I just carry on and I don’t give it much thought! A friend needed medical attention and promised me that the specialist will be met on […]

Greatest quality?

Do we believe that love could revolutionize the world? What are tangible ways that we could love better? All of us are blessed with great qualities and gifts. Recently I was meditating on 3 qualities; Faith, Hope, Love! Little did I realize that one of the three is greater than […]


ME: But my lens is no match to what they have. I am ashamed of my pictures ma! But its OK, not complaining. HER: Don’t worry pups, one day (in His time), God will show you if you need that extra blessing! When I began typing the message, I knew that I […]


I love this, I tried it! Who would you consider to be the most successful person in the list below and Why? A CEO of a multinational corporation whose headquarters are in New York, USA A freshman at a local university A street sweeper in one of the megacities in […]


We met a fellow countryman, he had decided to make the sacrifice of working outside the home country whilst the rest of his family remained home due to education and the broader family network. One year ago, we were at this same crossroad, wondering what was best. Its a very […]


Have you noticed #FOMO? On one side of the coin, I need to figure out the meaning of hashtag first, as this is how I see it in social media! The other side of the coin reveals to me that its in fact a real deal! #FOMO—Fear Of Missing Out—was just added […]

Miracle of Life

Suresh Borate, a fine, happy, always with a smile, wonderful human, walked into office on this very day 13 years ago, greeted everyone with his usual smile and before reaching his desk, collapsed onto the floor, never to open his eyes again. I remember this day like yesterday as I […]