A Secret Place

We were meditating on a passage of scripture, and it opened our eyes that God has a secret place for His own (Psalm 27:531:20), and it is a place to live in. The more we dwelt on this, the greater the assurance that this is a sure place of protection, comfort, and care.

Ten years ago, when we had a family discussion at the dinner table, we were reminiscing of our past experiences and how much it had been so meaningful for us and, we had this conviction that this was an experience we believed we must encounter again. We took this desire into the secret place we live in, and we trusted that this desire would be fulfilled someday, because, we had the comfort and protection, and we were constantly assured that He cared deeply.

When I exited a specific career in a niche industry after 17 years, I was convinced that there was no other company on this earth that would come close to compete with the products they manufactured, and I decided that I was never going back into this industry. I was passionate, I was convicted that what I did added so much value, yet circumstances led me away from what I loved most. I spent a few years in another industry, and I kept missing what I did best. I had taken this thought into the secret place I lived in. I left it there, I did not make any attempts, I avoided any opportunity. Finally, without me trying, someone else had to intervene, a dear friend. It took me 5 years to discover that there were groundbreaking innovations in the field I loved so much and how wrong my thinking was.

Six years ago, four specific experiences that were in our secret place we lived in were fulfilled together! We remained assured, comforted, and cared for deeply. I returned to the industry of my passion, we returned as a family to the country of our dreams, the family that took care of us returned to live and work with us and our two sons returned to complete their education in the school they loved and enjoyed!

Moses spoke of God in Psalm 90:1 (Psalm 90 is titled A Prayer of Moses the man of God, this is the only song of Moses in the psalms) as the dwelling-place of his people. Psalm 91 takes the idea further, the dwelling place, the habitation, the secret place, the home of complete security for man.

Many of us think that this secret place to live in is only for supernatural or the super-spiritual. What we must not miss out is that the secret place is for all who place their trust in the most high, in Him. Many of us do not dwell in the most holy place; we run to it at times and enjoy occasional approaches, but we do not make it a habit to live in the mysterious presence found in the secret place. When we live intimately with God, when we dwell in the secret place, we can surely understand His greatness and protection.

2 years ago, the person who purchased our 1979 classic Mini Cooper offered the car back to us at the same price he purchased it in 2012! This was a point placed in the secret place 9 years ago!

On the tenth year, the secret place we live in continued to fulfil the desires of our hearts. We came back to live in the same village where we met our first neighbors in a foreign country, who until this day have been more than family to us. Our family ties have strengthened, our children have grown up together and now we are once again neighbors! What’s more, we came back to live in the very same house we lived in from 2007 until 2010. It does not stop here, our gardener who helped us then also agreed to come back and work for us and take care of our compound!!

There sure is a close relationship with God and all the benefits that come from it. This is clearly for those who know Yahweh as God and who truly trust in Him. As an individual believer and as a family that believes, we will receive His protection, comfort, and care. We will and will continue to trust God even more, and we will continue to increasingly know Him as Our God.

  • `Our God is the individual Christian’s belief (Thomas, as in John 20:28).
  • Our God is the celebration for the victorious believer (Miriam, as in Exodus 15:21).

There are blessings for us believers to receive always. Many times, some of us believers miss so many blessings simply because we are fearful, stressing, and do not trust God as we should. The psalmist in Psalm 91 quotes God as saying that the blessings are for those who love God and acknowledge His name (verse 14), call upon him (verse 15), and seek satisfaction in what He alone can provide.

God promises to answer the prayer of the one who loves Him and the one who genuinely knows Him. He continues to shower us with so many promises, the more time we spend in the Secret Place we live in, the more we know Him, the more we love Him, the more He will bless us!

Are you able to take your desires into the secret place you dwell in? Is your secret place designed by God for you? The more we dwelt in the secret place, the greater the assurance that this is a sure place of protection, comfort, and care.


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