I am, you are, he is, she is, and all of them are!

We are constantly dealing with everyone accusing each other of how crazy the other person is! Most often than not, it is related to what we say to each other!

Wikipedia helped me understand this quite nicely:

Speech is a human vocal communication using language…..In speaking, speakers perform many different intentional speech acts, e.g., informing, declaring, asking, persuading, directing, and can use enunciationintonation, degrees of loudnesstempo, and other non-representational or paralinguistic aspects of vocalization to convey meaning. In their speech, speakers also unintentionally communicate many aspects of their social position such as sex, age, place of origin (through accent), physical states (alertness and sleepiness, vigor or weakness, health or illness), psychological states (emotions or moods), physico-psychological states (sobriety or drunkenness, normal consciousness and trance states), education or experience, and the like.

I am challenged in dealing with talk that is so unreal and insincere. Often, this is only to make the other person feel good, and most often, it is never meant with sincerity. We regularly fall into this trap, either at the receiving end or we are totally involved in it!

We pray for ‘our daily bread’. We pray this prayer each day. We then sit for our daily bread and, complain on the choice of food, the taste, how others eat and, above all, we have no conscience of how much food we waste on our plates.

We pray for good health. We all want to remain healthy. Sometimes, we are unwell and are diagnosed with some condition that requires medication. We then complain that we are cursed to be ill, or that the doctors have little time for us, or about the cost of medicines or, more than all, that the medicines are useless because we are not healed in a day or two.

We pray each day, ‘Forgive us our Sin’s, as we forgive those who sin against us’ and meet our neighbor who does not smile at us or wishes us ‘good morning’ and immediately judge them to be proud, arrogant and of low stature or cast. We drive towards work and meet that driver who does not give us our right of way and honk at him and race after him to cut him off the road to communicate a message. We feel really thrilled about this, and as we reach the pedestrian crossing, despite seeing that people are waiting to cross the road, race forward because I am already late for work.

We pray for friends and families, especially when we need something! We ‘ask without seeking’ and forget the importance of family, we miss the fact that family is God’s creation and that it is the basic unit of society established for passing on
a godly heritage, to be a picture of God’s love and our relationship with Him! We forget that the family is to bless the world! We only focus on why God should bless us with His provision, and when we do not get what we want, we are not happy with God!

How can I stop being judgemental and focus on a spirit of thankfulness?
  • We must pray!
  • We must be disciplined to pray and fuel our hunger
  • We must have an intimate relationship with our God

The more I focus on Him, the more I can be at peace.

The moment I begin to walk in His will, everything around me will look so much more beautiful!

The moment I begin to have a spirit of thankfulness, I know for sure that my judgemental spirit will be wiped out, that there is no reason to feel frustrated and annoyed.


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