New Season!

Life is all about experiencing different seasons!

In 2017, I began a brand-new season! It was a fantastic journey, the mere experience, new friends, the impact, the connections, and everything else was amazing! Of course, there were many moments when I was crushed, feeling down and broken too! The one thing that always kept me going, that gave me the courage and the strength, which enabled me to rise and press forward was simply the belief that I was here with a clear purpose, I moved into this season because I was convinced it was what I was called upon to do!

Seasons change!

Circumstances changed for me at my workplace, and it got me thinking of what I should do with myself. The questions that went through my head was ‘do I have to change?’, ‘you know you are here for a purpose and now?’, ‘can you not continue to make an impact?’, ‘after all, you are comfortable and stable right?’.

I thought through, I prayed, I searched, I analyzed and yet, I spent most of my time meditating on God’s plan for me. There is no greater joy than to be able to communicate with Him who gives us all good things! He gave me peace, He gave me insight, He gave me greater opportunities!

This morning, we had a guest to our church, he is the lead Pastor at Revive Church Sydney, Australia and Pastor Jason Mendis’ title was “We Can’t stay Here!” (Catch the entire message, fast forward to 1.10hrs and he reminds us that there is a new season set before us! It was just fantastic, more than anything, absolutely timely and there could not have been a better day than today!

Ps Jason Mendis

A New Season begins for me today! A few days back, during our devotions, we were inspired by Peter’s first letter to the churches in the Roman province, where he encourages us to use whatever gifts we have received to serve others, and this is certainly the reason behind me wanting to move into this next new season! I am convinced that there is a set determined time for everything and following our maker is the key, because He has the best plan in place!

If you every feel uncertain about what you are doing, be encouraged, just as I was by what Pastor Jason Mendis shared. ‘Never get comfortable in anything we do’, we must ‘let go of what we know and cling on to the promises of God’, ‘God knows the plan, we must stop following our dreams and follow Jesus’ and most of all, trust Him to the very end in how He will use us for His kingdom!


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