The word we received on the 21st morning was ‘tailor made’ for us! As we spent our time of devotion, we were reminded of God’s marvelous goodness and the many who blessed us and impacted us. This day was a day to celebrate 26 years of our marriage! We were able to remember each name and lift them to our God in thanksgiving. We were reminded of how we began dating, we thanked God where we met, the circumstances of how we met, the people that helped us begin and continue in our journey and each of you that remembered and celebrated with us, oh, what a joyful moment of reflection and appreciation!

Our God has been so close to us on our daily journey, we seek him all the time and this is what has helped us each day to draw closer and closer to Him! Every moment has been possible only because of Him and we can only thank Him all the time for His goodness towards us!

Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.

Psalm 68:19

April 21 is an awesome day because it is also a day to celebrate life and it sure is extremely exciting for each of us who can relate to this! Mark Twain has inspired me because this day is so special and if I am unable to appreciate this day, I will never know why I came into this world!

Cindy reminded me the day before that I was reaching fifty-five. I told her ‘NO’, I am fifty-three and she giggled and nudged me and asked me if I was feeling old! It was the contrary, life was just beginning and overly exciting and I did not want to miss a single minute!

Family and Friends help us celebrate life and we are so thankful for this blessing! Our two boys had holidays, and this gave us an opportunity to be together and have a little time to celebrate together.

We thank you for your remembrance, your love, and your friendship, it truly is a blessing when one can celebrate life together and sincerely wish each other well. I am so grateful for friendships; I thank my God every time I remember you!


  1. Dear Dil and Cindy as I congratulate the two of you I praise and thank God for his many blessings. The blessing of your parents their friendship and the blessing of love that still remains so strong. Love you all. Uncle Thasan


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