As a couple, we reached our 24th wedding anniversary. As an individual, I began my 53rd year of existence. We celebrated, we rejoiced!

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.

Romans 12:15

This is a very special verse and I have been inspired by this because it truly deals with our empathy, it is our ability to objectively relate to, identify with another person’s situation or problems. We live in a digital era today where gone are the days when we wrote down important dates to remember, today we have our ‘contacts’ that help us to take note of names, numbers, addresses and important dates! Add to this, there is Facebook and Viber and many other platforms that gives us an opportunity to ‘add friends’ and the higher the number of friends the more the need to remember important dates and then suddenly, an important date is no more important, it becomes a ‘painful exercise’, oh gosh, today I have to wish between 3-7 FB friends for their birthday!

Things do get complicated when my Facebook page or Viber app reminds me of ‘someone’s’ birthday, most often they are not ‘close buddies or mates’ (we add many to increase our data base), and if we are jealous of another’s success, or hurt for something they have said or done to us, we cannot rejoice with him or her because we are in the business of comparing ourselves as being more favorable than they are. As soon as we see the name, our hearts get hard instantaneously and we have no more compassion, and we ‘ignore’ the reminder. (This is me speaking my heart).

  • If I can be a loving person, I would take pleasure in another’s success.
  • If I can be a loving person, I can empathize with another persons sorrow, because this is when we are needed most.

I counted; more than a 160 text/email messages, more than 35 personal face to face greetings, more than 45 phone calls, we are more than ecstatic, we are just so thankful for friends and those who truly care. Please visit my YouTube channel to for more on our friends and how they impacted us:

Do nothing from selfish ambition...consider others first Philippians 2:3-4  | Philippians, Bible prayers, Selfish ambition
True biblical attitude is centered on others. I pray that I can be more like this.

Cindy and I ask ourselves all the time if we are sincerely rejoicing with those who rejoice and sincerely weep with those who weep? We can make is a habit and we do this often enough. Are we displaying true Christian love? Are we only expecting others to reach out to us? Are we honestly doing our part?

We learn each day that envy and rivalry show us how self-centered we are and, this attitude is the typical “me against the world, us against the world.”

As true Christians, we cannot be selfishly indifferent to others, we have to examine our hearts each day, we must be sincere, we must honor God and fulfil His purpose.

We are truly blessed when others rejoice with us, our prayer is that we too can truly rejoice and mourn with others.


  1. I would love to learn to love for love itself, without expecting love in return. What a blissful existence it would be. I feel so peaceful just thinking about it.
    Love for love itself.


  2. Absolutely well said Dil and very few can be sincerely and honest about themselves and what they feel. I believe that I need to do my part of being good and emphatic “ and not to expect. anything. I also fee and believe the more we think negative of otheres – this only affects me


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