Character – Part 1

The Name of Jesus | Grace Center Houston

I can say I am a home leader, a business leader, a church leader and I am sure I can claim many other leadership roles for myself! My leadership style is rather unique to me being me (the horrible “I” factor that ruins us) and yet, I am always convinced that Jesus is and must be the model for my leadership style.

When I look at the works and the very Person of Jesus as the ultimate standard of what leadership is all about, I am always humbled and amazed. I wish I could be anywhere close, I pray I can become more like Him, I have to try, I work at it, I succeed, I fail, never consistent enough.

I want to touch on 2 key characters of Jesus, His Heart & Head and how it inspires us to lead like Him. For a devotion on this, please visit my YouTube channel:

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