Lead Like Jesus

Leadership is a key priority in many organizations and corporate entities make huge investments to ensure that their people attend the most recent leadership seminars and enroll some to various teaching courses. Leadership is a subject that is included in all academic studies and has become an industry of its own. Over the years, many authors, literature and commentaries are published. Amazon.com, the biggest online retailer of published literature, has over 25,000 books on leadership. Leadership styles have also been adopted, many follow famous or successful leaders.

There are amazing Biblical leaders, be it Moses or Joshua, Nehemiah or Solomon and then King David who was identified as a man after God’s own heart.

However, the perfect leader for me is Jesus! He had a very short earthly life, yet has by far the greatest following and is known by so many! His example of servant leadership changes my entire perspective and I learn that if I can just follow this teaching there is so much to gain. I acknowledge that my God is my CSO, Chief Shepherding Officer and His commission of making disciples is a leadership role that enables us to influence and impact others with an eternal perspective.

View more on Jesus’ leadership perspective here – https://youtu.be/VasCiRfG-qk

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