Embrace The Mission!

A 10 week virtual Christian Leadership seminar was held in Sri Lanka by the local chapter of the Haggai Institute, 30 strategically positioned leaders attended and were given the opportunity to multiply their influence with one purpose in mind — to end Gospel poverty. Each participant was equipped and inspired to more effectively demonstrate and present the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to prepare others to do the same and from interacting, observing and receiving their feedback, they surely are on fire!

Having had the opportunity of participating in an Advanced Leadership Seminar in 2017, it truly was a blessing to be with these individuals and help in their leadership journey. I am convinced that each individual who completed this course will make a significant difference to their lives and ministry. I can personally affirm this transformational experience, based on my own personal testimony as a Haggai alumnus and from the testimonies of those who have been through these seminars over the years.

In my last two posts, I shared on Jesus Leadership and these were a summary of what was shared with the participants.



Today I want to share with you what I shared with the participants at their convocation, please click my YouTube page link here. https://youtu.be/wovmqIvCr-0

Leaving A Spiritual Legacy – Toldot – Jewels of Judaism

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