When Will I See You Again?

It’s now over 12 months and we’ve not had the opportunity of travel, due to various restrictions with the pandemic and Virtual communication surely has its advantages, however not all are able to embrace this. Some of our family have no access to technology or chose not to embrace it.

One Sunday morning I was sharing a reflection with our church group and my mentor, friend and foster Dad was on the virtual call, I was truly thrilled to know he was on the call as he is not a regular on this specific platform. The moment I saw him, I silently smiled, knowing that in 5 days, I was going to call him and his wife as they would be celebrating their wedding anniversary.

That desired day arrived, however Uncle Ajit was not physically on earth, he left his earthly life journey a few days before their wedding anniversary.

Sundays are special family days for us to connect and chat. My foster mom and I talk every week. Our conversations can be varied, often listening to complaints and most often getting a strong lecture on some things I say that needs motherly correction and guidance! Some days our chats are spiritual upliftment and prayer.

A few Sundays back she was rather vague in her conversation, she refused to have the regular chat, said she felt unwell, I assured her of my prayers and respected her need for privacy. However, I was very happy when she called me two days later, apologized for not being able to talk freely, said she was feeling a lot better and promised to call me once she felt ok.

Aunty Susheela never recovered to the point of being her usual self and we could not talk again and she left her earthly journey.

Looking back is a lovely thing, we have so much to talk about people who are no longer with us. We will usually talk of great, happy, humorous moments we enjoyed with them.

Personally, I lost two of my closest family, I could not be with them, I could not hold them, I was just not able to be with them physically. Exactly a year back, during our Christmas holidays, we spent so much quality time with them. I cry in silence because I miss them so much. I am helpless as I am far away.

I am thinking of them, I meditate, I think of the day when the same will happen to me and the only question that probably concerns me most is ‘are they both with my Lord in paradise’?

We know that He saves us through faith, we know that this is not the result of our own, it is God’s own gift. I am convinced without a doubt on how much faith they had in Jesus, coupled with all the great work they did because they knew that they did it for His glory, I am certain that they are certainly enjoying God’s free gift of eternal life right now.

Death is an absolute certainty for all of us. What matters is our eternity. Will we meet again on the other side and yes, we will. Its only because of Jesus, He gives us that assurance and promise.

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  1. The eternal life is free for us but it costs God His one and only beloved Son Jesus Christ through whom we who believe obtain our citizenship in heaven..

    As a sojourner on this earth, I’m grateful to have this living hope in me and shall continue to pray for my family’s salvation that I may see them again one day on the other side..

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