Words of Honor

I am encouraged to write on this topic based on a very personal experience I had a few days back. I sat back and thought about the whole experience, I calculated time, dates, people, words, what-not, I then asked myself what is ‘honor’ and how can it be so meaningful in the right perspective?

I love it when someone tells me something good that I have done! Yet, from my past experiences, I know how dangerous it is when I let this get into my ‘head’! It leads to pride and so much disaster in the end! What I have learnt over the years is that all honor goes back to the one that created me, it belongs to Him!

Yes, I love the honor. What got me all thinking was as to what do I do about passing honor to others in the ‘rightful’ manner? To honor someone is to build them up, to give them a sense of their worth and express appreciation. We are quite used to the culture we live in today, how we honor others. In most countries we observe monuments and statues to bring honor to famous personalities, the “honoring” becomes hero worship, people light candles, lay flowers, touch it and many even pray at these sites. Or we make public declarations, paid radio or TV commercials, news paper adverts or the mass media, we do tend to get to all levels to bring about honor, just so that we get the needed attention! All these heroes brought about worldly success! To me personally, this type of “honoring” is not what God intends as He never intended to lead each other astray when we engage in it, because the focus for me is so wrong.

For me to honor someone as God intends is to build them up and give them a sense of their true worth. It’s trying to see them as God sees them, looking for evidence of what God has done in and through them, and what He is doing currently and most importantly, it’s telling them what we see.

This was my experience; when ‘out of the blues’, my dear childhood friend sent me this message. I am sharing this as the importance of this message to me was the following:

  • My Childhood friend is recollecting about an individual who left her earthly life 31 years ago, when she was only 39 year old
  • My friend was a teenager at that time
  • How someone can be impacted even after so many years gone-by just amazes me

Hey Dil. Hope all is well with you and the family. I was having a piece of toast this morning and a memory flooded my mind. Of sitting in the veranda in Dickwella eating toast made from freshly baked bread with home made mulberry jam, listening to Aunty Yasmin telling a funny story and laughing her head off! She brought so much warmth, love and joy to us as kids and I can only imagine what she must be bringing to the souls in heaven! You were blessed to have her even for a short time. We were truly blessed by her. What a beautiful soul. Thinking of you. Xx

Encouraging words from my dear friend is nothing short of a gift from God. He allowed my friend to give it to me to encourage me. I looked back in my own life the moment I ready this as asked a simple question, at 51, have I been able to impact anyone?

I am asking God to help me see how He is working in and through others, I want to be able to see the good work in them and be able to honor them in the right perspective. Our lives on this earth is not for ourselves but others, how can I truly be that disciple?

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