Do I need to figure out my PRIORITIES?

Usually, when we discuss Priorities, we separate the discussion into two broad segments, our Personal and Professional priorities. Today I am not asking myself to separate these two elements. I am just asking myself in general, what comes to my head at the snap of my finger, what are my fundamental priorities in life, just like that?

What is it then!

Life gets rather complex, it does lead us to much pain, and hurt, and disappointments, and discouragements, and much more! And, all these things we experience are because we have lost our focus, our priorities in life. I realize always that when I am face-to-face with these situations, it is so obvious to me that I have confused my priorities!

It’s becoming very simple to me, the moment I find myself struggling with managing my time well, I know that this is because I have missed out on prioritizing my goals! The moment there is some disagreement, its clear that it is an issue about priorities! When ever I am discouraged or disappointed, I know that I have strayed away from my priorities! This is why it is so important that one must make an effort to draw out what each of our priorities are in life!

Priorities can obviously shift, and they should shift over time. But I’ve learned that in order to make progress and not get burned out, it’s important to be clear with the real purpose of why I am hear on earth and identify my top 3 priorities based on my purpose in life. This is to help me keep things simple, and finding the top 3 is not as simple as one would imagine!

I was reading this blog by Catherine Beard, mindset & self-care coach, blogger, and the creator of The Blissful Mind, and she shares a very interesting tool to help keep things simple. Her suggestion is to draw up our top 3 priorities in life! All she suggests is to draw 3 circles, a Venn diagram, and focus on identifying the 3 top priorities for my life. Obviously, I need to break these 3 down into more details and the good thing is, I can surely keep things rather simple when I get down to doing this!

My Top 3 Priorities in life

I sat and thought about this in detail, I agreed to simplify it and very broadly I was able to make this conclusion. The moment I wrote this down, everything seemed to just become a breeze, I then decided to work on a broader list of priorities for myself, this is for me, not a standard for all! I am moved to sharing this with you, just to help you think about it and determine your personal life goals as well!


  1. These are thought provoking for certain and also a wakeup call to relook @ our purpose of existence .

    We are so driven by worldly distractions and “hence “ out priorities ,we fail to give a birds eye view of ourselves. Its good to step back and re look at ourselves within before we keep going in in the rat race

    As rightly mentioned its not easy , there are many people to mock you & make fun of but very few who’ll stand by you in the real world


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