LIGHT (of the world?)

When someone told me the other day that I am required to be a ‘light’ to others, my response was that I was not made like the ‘firefly‘ to be able to produce light!

‘ “You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. ‘

The very purpose of light is to brighten up the darkness and yet, we are called to be a ‘light’ to others!

A few weeks back, I had this once in a lifetime opportunity to visit the jungles deep south of the Philippines and witness this amazing sighting of the Philippine Eagle, perched up on this tree, maybe 500 meters high and it truly was something very spectacular! For one, this is a protected and very rare species to see in the wild, the other is that one never gets to witness this unless you are really very lucky! A dear surgeon friend who took me into the jungle and I, together with the forest rangers, spent hours just mesmerized and made use of every minute to take as many as 2,000 pictures between us!_DIL7059 I cannot explain the moment and the blessed opportunity, but what was interesting is that for the next 3 hours on our journey back, the next few days and even today, when ever we are together, out topic is all about this marvelous creation! We only spoke well of this bird, we talked about its habitat, its challenges, its future and everything positive in nature!

This got me thinking, if I was perched up on a tree, would anyone bother to look at me and take a picture of me and talk positive things about me? I know the answer, its obvious and it now makes me realize that I am not anywhere close to the beauty of nature where one could look at me and say that I can make a significant impact in their lives. It now makes absolute meaning when I recall what my dear friend (who celebrates his birthday today) said:Aravind

We are called to be intentional, we are called to assume responsibility, we need to work excellently and go beyond expectations but most important, we have to gain respect. People we look at our lives and see if something significant is happening through us.

The command ‘YOU are the light’ signifies that the world does not come to us, but we are to be out there, visible to everyone and live out out life purpose. People see us all the time, they either love us or hate us but how can I make that significant impact on others?

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

View my last post on ‘Salt of the earth’. Being ‘Salt’ and ‘Light’, we are able to look beyond what we do each day to enable us make a significant impact in the world.


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