Workplace – Who is the Boss?

Learning #1: Man Must Work!

Its understood that one must work to earn and we need money to live and therefore we must work! We all have our personal beliefs but I am learning that work is in an actual sense an order! It does not mean that one has to be employed to work, whatever roles we have, Employment, Self-employed, Home-maker, Student, Whatever….., we are called to work at it well!

Learning #2: Work is Sacred!

I love it when the boss is around and looking! I need to impress him or her right? But there is a greater calling for us, what do we do when the boss is not around? Personally speaking, I can write pages from my past on how I did my work when the boss was not around, came late, left early, used office for my personal work and the list will go on!

Learning #3: Work is a Calling!

How can I work daily knowing that my earthly boss is not watching me? Its most often the case for me today and I am more aware that I have a greater responsibility knowing that I am called to do a job of work and I need to give it more than 100%. If I do not love my job, I must move on gracefully.

Learning #3: Work is Taking Care, Stewardship

I am rewarded for my work, I call this my salary and benefits, I can also call it recognition, promotion, greater work responsibilities. Yet, we do so much wrong at work, from a simple point of wasting stationary to using my work benefits for my personal use. This is most often because we never understand #2!

Christ-Centered Employee

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