How Materialistic?

How fast do we consume earth’s resources and how much waste do we generate? As per my understanding, I do not waste and I hardly consume much. No way!

I was ignorant that there is an Ecological footprint measurement that enables us to understand how much we consume from what nature offers. There is also a term Biocapacity, which is to say how much can be produced from the ecological assets. But I never knew about an Ecological deficit, where what I require cannot be produced (in simple terms it relates not just to me but a society or nation).

An interesting website helps understand The Ecological Footprint and is the only metric that measures how much nature we have and how much nature we use.

Fullscreen capture 17-Dec-17 92107 AM

The Ecological calculator informs me of Earth Overshoot Day, it is the day on the calendar when humanity has used the resources that it takes the planet the full year to regenerate. I took the personal test and it tells me that if everyone on this earth lived like me, the Overshoot date was Feb 24, on this date all earth’s resources would be used up based on its production capacity. Now…..this got me thinking!

If everyone on this earth lived like me, we would need 6.7 earths. What practical steps can I take?

Fullscreen capture 17-Dec-17 91257 AM

Click on the image above and take the test, see how well you contribute.

Looks scary but then, it’s all about me! I have become too materialistic, I am preoccupied over material things than the spiritual things in life! I need to stop grabbing, not to love money (when the world tells me that this is so so soooo important). With 70-80% of the world’s population expected to live in cities by 2050, smart urban planning and development strategies are crucial to managing our resources. Do I need to follow the crowd?

How can I be content?  Renewable energy is a direct path to reducing my Ecological Footprint and addressing climate change. Am I making a change or am I just doing what everyone else does and use up all the available energy?

Can I always seek God and trust Him more than depend on all that goes around me, be tempted to go what others do?

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