Over the last few months we are enjoying a very interesting series titled ‘Minefields‘ which helps the listener to understand the ‘landmines’ individuals and families must avoid, to be able to live a purpose driven life.

Statistic: It is estimated that there are 110 million land mines in the ground right now and Mines kill or maim more than 5,000 people annually.

3 Surprising Facts about family today dated back to 2015 got my attention that honestly shocked me. I had to read this and obviously more to better understand the challenge society is faced today. Am I really that ignorant?





As I look around my own surroundings I am constantly aware that someone is seriously trying hard to bring about disruption.

Honestly said, everything begins somewhere and it’s very clear to me that the starting point is the home! A wife is called to ‘submit‘ but women’s liberation says, ‘are you crazy?’ and Husband’s are to be ‘understanding’ and ‘honorable’ and the world says that this is rubbish and obviously the most affected are children, who end up in bad company and yes, its their fault for falling into this mess!

But then this is what’s happening inside the home. What happens outside the home is much worse! I am learning and am thankful to know that different ‘models’ of landmines are being planted to destroy families daily and if we make an effort, we surely can avoid being a victim:

  • EXCUSE-ITIS: A disease that blames others and not willing to accepting responsibility
  • IDENTITY-ITIS: A disease where one is suffering from an Identity crisis
  • WORLDLY-N-ITIS: A heart attitude (disease) that tightly attaches to the world
  • ENTITLEMENT-ITIS: A spiritual disease when we have a mentality of expectations
  • COMPLAIN-ITIS: A disease where we are complaining on everything
  • QUIT-ITIS: A disease where one is ready to quit for a given situation
  • IMMEDIATE-ITIS: A disease where self-control is lost
  • ADDICTION-ITIS: A disease of habit that cannot be given up
  • IMMORAL-ITIS: A disease evolving from the Agriculture revolution to Industrial revolution to Sexual revolution to Technological revolution

We sure have a battle on earth but the greatest gift we can have is that by Grace, we are saved! The battle on earth has nothing to do with our salvation, it’s our sanctification.

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