Vision, Mission, Values, Goals, Strategy

The greatest joy for an individual is when the purpose of an Organisation or Establishment is understood and individuals and teams are driven towards that purpose, and work together tirelessly to bring the needed success!

This morning I received this beautiful email that shared the success stories of activities that had been established with tremendous success, it was such a thrilling moment to read the details and know that something beautiful was taking place.

Many of us who work with Organisations, Establishments and Individuals understand the need and importance for all to embrace the real purpose and, work towards its fulfilment. I was encouraged by a recent mid-week bible study of this great man named Noah at CCF.

Exactly when Noah lived is up for debate but regardless of the actual time in which Noah lived, the Bible is clear that Noah lived during some very turbulent and troubling times. Today, we all live in similar or worse circumstances and yet, be it society or business, we need to survive the forces that prevent us from moving forward.

As the story progresses, amazing strategies are discovered, mind you, these were strategies in place many many years back and today we seem to be quite fascinated when we discuss strategic planning!

What was the Vision? God is deeply troubled at the wickedness of humans and decides to wipe all living creatures from the face of the earth! Wow, tough one and in recent times, it’s like the Atom Bomb!

Was there a Mission? Yes, because God finds favour with Noah and gives Noah a very clear Mission! He is told to build an Ark in the middle of nowhere, no water and a trace or history of floods. He is told in exact terms what wood to use, how many floors, rooms, doors, ventilation holes and what coating for the walls, details of the roof, the size of the Ark must be, 450 ft. long, 75 ft. wide and 45 ft. tall! He is even told what animals and who should be in the ark including the food! What an amazing detailed Mission. Best part of the story, Noah did everything just as God had commanded him!

Noah was a great man of faith, who didn’t compromise his faith during a time in history when all others were ignoring God and carrying out extreme evil. Noah preached for 100 years during the building of the ark and God patiently waited for any person to repent. However, none believed Noah (and they laughed at him) or wanted to follow God, but continued in their evil ways until they were all wiped out.

Vision was achieved and the mission was accomplished. It required obedience to the dot! Organisations, Institutions and Individuals fail today because we do not take into heart the strategy in place. Much research has been done to understand how much time is needed to be spent on strategizing and it shocking that unless one spends regular, weekly or monthly time on understanding strategy, failure is surely bound to happen!

More about Noah in my earlier Blog.

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