Devoted to Fellowship

Today I said to myself, I need to go back and visit my friends at Holy Trinity Church in Makati, as a family we worshiped here 7 years ago and whilst we have dropped by and joined in the fellowship during our holiday visits, today was different, we were coming back!

I got in a little early and this gave me the perfect opportunity for my personal devotion, moving back is not as easy as one would think, its a new beginning and things have changed so much! New faces, new organisation to work in – people with many questions, catching up with past friends who are excited, rules have changed, life and life styles have changed, its a very different scene! Add to this, Cindy and the boys are not yet here as school term ends on the 8th! So much to depend on the creator for guidance and help!

I sat at the back of the church, just avoiding the attention and as I raised my head from my quiet time, I was spotted by the choir! We still had time for service to begin so it was the appropriate thing for me to walk up to the choir stand and share my news! For a short moment, there was so much noise in rejoicing, I was instructed to ‘robe up’ and join the choir bench immediately, to which I quietly requested a little time! Robin in all his excitement and love did warn me though that if I was not at the choir stall next Sunday, he would grab me by his hand and get me over!!!

Bishop Arthur, our dear Shepherd and friend retired and it was a new face for me, The Reverend Fr. Peter Chilver and his lovely wife The Reverend Deacon Mary Chilver, who were so warm and welcoming.

At church

Its a joy to see many familiar faces, the welcome was awesome, the joy in every smile so genuine, it truly reminded me of the early church in Acts 2, where the people devoted to fellowship and the breaking of bread, the word was powerful, and obviously we have a part to play in moving things forward to reach out to others.

Some dear friends are no more among the living, they have moved ahead to be with the Lord. They are remembered with joy and missed with sadness. This morning we bid farewell to a family returning to India and having gone through some difficult moments here, this sad moment also reminded me of the farewell we had, nostalgic moments for sure.

Yet, amidst it all, truly a happy and blessed morning to be in the fellowship! The joy in each of the hearts was so genuine, I truly was mesmerized! The Lord has a beautiful plan for our lives if we can just trust in Him and depend on Him. Most of the time we spend our time worrying and yet the assurance He gives us is so clear, why can we not just trust in His word?


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