Embarrassed!! These moments are common when openly discussed!

Vespa expresses it most dynamic spirit with a vehicle in which the Vespa design is enhanced with sporting features like the analog and digital instrumentation and the powerful 300 cc, the highest performing engine ever mounted on a Vespa. This adds to the style, comfort and safety typical of Vespa, an intensely sporting attitude!

And so, with a similar attitude and much to my excitement, my dear friend who owns this masterpiece suggests I take it for a spin and despite my objections and pride of not saying that I have never ridden a Scooter, I get on the machine and wish that a nice throttle to rev up the 300cc would be a great idea,  obviously forgetting or ignoring the instruction that this was a automatic transmission machine! In a split second, I was shaken up and possibly woken up to a loud crash,  the Vespa was rammed in to a Toyota that was stationary!

Oh my goodness what have I done? What’s the damage, what embarrassment have I caused,  oh I wish it was my face that rammed against the car!

The next fifteen minutes was the most embarrassing and horrible moment in my life,  I just regretted every moment I had spent to reach this situation.

Thankfully there was no damage to the Vespa or the car but i had certainly caused pain to my friend.  Despite my madness,  he was very kind enough to forgive me and told me to forget about it.  It’s not every friend who would be like this especially when it’s to do with a personal icon, something very special and close to ones heart. 

I learnt my lesson that night, no need to get excited, remember that it does not belong to me and if I do use it,  try not to be too cocky.

So people will be brought low and everyone humbled, the eyes of the arrogant humbled. – Isaiah 5:15

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