Worship what?

This morning we looked around the garden and marveled at creation. The DIL_2583-002birds are so beautiful but guess what, we were able to reflect on the fact that they do not worry about their next meal, they just fly about and nibble at what they find. And then we as a family are so worried about what is going to be on the table for the next meal, not that we are worried about if we get food, we are more worried about what is on the menu!

Walking around20170413_095016 the garden opens our eyes to the beautiful flowers, they are so pretty when they bloom. They are created to be beautiful! On the other hand, we are so worried about what we wear and how we look and we spend so much time and effort to make sure we look really good!

Today we were able to reflect on a very important reading.  This truly was so meaningful that it really helped the 4 of us to ask the hard questions on what really worries us and what is it that we truly worship over our Lord. We were able to deal with the fact that we cannot serve two masters, money and God. The more I looked out of the window or walked in the garden and saw the birds, the flowers, or when in the wild, we look for the animals, we are reminded that they cannot worry about the next meal or how they look, its all taken care of. So much so then for us, does our Lord not love us much more?

We talked about giving to someone what we considered as ‘maintaining our lifestyle’ and asked each other if by giving, would we feel that we have lowered our lifestyle and therefore be worried? It surely was a meaningful discussion.

We were able to pray that our focus should be to renew our hearts to worship our Lord and not focus on the worldly desires. Isn’t it wonderful even to have this discussion!

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