Today we will upgrade our car!

As the 4 of us gathered together, this topic is probably the most exciting subject, already we know what model and how much and when to get it and so on…….

Our devotional passage is from Hebrews 13:1-6 and 4 strong points are raised:

  • Show hospitality to strangers – we don’t, we treat them with suspicion

  • Remember those in prison as if we were with them – this is the last thing that crosses are minds

  • Marriage should be honored – taken totally for granted

  • Do not love money and be content – sorry but we don’t understand this

We were able to spend a great deal of time discussing each of these aspects, much learning is needed and much to be done. If a stranger asks to use the toilet at home, where do we direct them, will we make an effort to visit prisoners this month, knowing that if one of us were in prison, then this is not a commitment to make, how can we keep our marriage sacred and can we make an effort daily to be open with each other and most important, can we not be moved by the paper ads and TV ads and keep thinking of how we ‘upgrade’ to something better and learn to be content?

Our prayer is that we will learn to be thankful and satisfied and not be victims of pressure to ‘keep up’ to what the world says is the right way to live.

But godliness with contentment is great gain

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