Attitude of Gratitude – AoG

Waiting to board a flight gave me some time to read, something I rarely do and, my discovery today must be shared! I read that if I want healthy relationships, I must have an Attitude of Gratitude (AoG)! Interesting as I deliberate on this point is that the longer I know someone, the more likely I take that person/s for granted! Then it gets even better as the longer I know someone, the easier it is to focus on that person’s faults and the bad times instead of the happy times! And I know that I am saying this because this is exactly what I do to my own spouse.

I am therefore challenged to think of whom ALL I know for the longest time of my earthly journey. I do not have to think far, my parents for the longest time, my spouse, my childhood and school friends, our kids and those who have been working with us for the longest time! Do I take then for granted? YES! Do I find fault with them? YES, all the time….. Sad isn’t it?

Study after study has linked gratitude to happiness. Psychologists and sociologists have proven that the more grateful you are, the happier you are, and I looked around to notice happy people, it sure does makes sense! All of those happy individuals I know are most often those who are grateful and thankful! Looking at them must teach me something or, am I looking at them differently? Am I jealous in any way……? Is my first feeling towards anyone an AoG or am I looking to what they need to do for me or what problems have I to now resolve? Or am I asking myself what have I to get done with them! I smile as I write, I see my negative side pop out!

Someone I admire and wish I can model is the apostle Paul who makes this amazing statement:

“Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God”

Philippines 1:3

Paul’s Attitude of Gratitude is not just to the person, he takes it to the highest authority, showing clearly where his loyalty is! No wonder it takes effort on my part to choose to have an AoG for the people in my life! I must develop this habit of thanking God for others, I am sure it will cultivate happiness and have a lasting and eternal impact with my relationships! Would you not be encouraged if you know that I am interceding for you?!

As I sit through this flight at 35,000 feet, the stewards are extremely kind, I am very grateful for their service, I need to specifically tell them how much I appreciate them, I whisper a prayer for them. Lord, please help me to do this with all I encounter every moment. As I disembark, there are many at work, those who get my bags, those who show me the way, the officers at Immigration, Customs officers, the Taxi driver, the hotel front desk…….today I am practicing with effort, I am looking at each person and communicating with them with an AoG!

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