Miracle of Life

Suresh Borate, a fine, happy, always with a smile, wonderful human, walked into office on this very day 13 years ago, greeted everyone with his usual smile and before reaching his desk, collapsed onto the floor, never to open his eyes again. I remember this day like yesterday as I was returning back home, transiting in a airport, when my office called to say ‘I know this is a special day but I have horrible news for you’.

The scene that day will stay in the memories of all those who encountered the tragedy, it affected many of us who knew and worked with Suresh, his family and little daughter were devastated, it was nothing but a very dark day.

I look back and can only conclude with all what we witness around us that, the fact that we are alive today is nothing but short of a miracle! I survived a near death experience 3 years back when I fell off a ladder, concussed and an MRI that indicated a mass of internal brain haemorrhage and then to witness 3 days later that that the second MRI scan came out clear with no trace of blood, I know that its but a miracle!

Faith is Recognising the reality of Miracles!

I know that life has a special purpose, I am experiencing this as I am more and more aware that the reason I am alive has to be fulfilled! As a couple, we celebrate 21 years together today, as an individual, it surely is a miracle to reach 50, I can only live my life totally for the God who brought me here, He is the ultimate survivor, He is our only friend and I want you to know Him too! Our investment is in Eternity, nothing else!


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