When I heard this word at first, it got me thinking, ‘have I heard this word before or am I hearing correct?’. I certainly know the meaning of ‘Intention’ but ‘Intentionality’?

From a philosophical aspect, it means the quality of our mental states, our thoughts, beliefs, desires and hopes being directed toward some purpose or state of affairs. The pastor in church today explained it as “Live each day in line with Gods purpose and in contrast to the world”.

We looked at what our purpose of being alive was, why are we created and why are we on this earth? What is it that we are expected to do each day if we are to be of some meaning or impact in the world? I am encouraged today to know that I chosen to live on this earth intentionally!

Oh wow and my mind went racing back to my drive to church a few minutes back, I was peacefully following the line of cars driving into the premises when I notices one car nose diving into the queue from the wrong side! And I looked at this and said to myself ‘are we not coming into church today to try to be better people, and is this ‘intentionality’ or is this a ‘everyday habit’! Add to my amusement, he did it a second time when he got ahead of me! Oh but I must not miss the message, lets not go on a side trip now!

3 reasons why we are intentionally chosen to live on this earth helped me today to see something a lot more meaningful, a) to be SALT – preserving our families from what is going on in this dark world and LIGHT – let people see the good works we do always! b) To be AMBASSADORS – an appeal is made through us to be representatives and to be reconciled and c) to be a WITNESS – specifically in this context for Wives, Husbands and Children!

Back to the experience of the car earlier today and how we are to to live the purpose, the challenge we all face is how do we live in this dark world despite knowing that we have a purpose to live? We are being watched by others in everything we do, are we truly able to live that purpose knowing very well that the temptation out there in this dark world is much greater not to live this purpose?


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