If we are in this personal relationship, we all face the same defining decision – “how will I respond to God?

We must be aware of this fact, God calls us for Himself. He does not call us to follow rules, bargain or earn His favor or calls us into a relationship with Him. Neither does he call us to be in a deeper relationships with others. His call has meaning.

God’s call = Facing our sin + Need for God

God’s call always brings a promising way forward, His call is always an invitation into a new life of faith.

Eagle Creek Grace Bible Church | Calling Abram | When Disappointment Leads  to Discipline (Genesis 12:10-13:4)

An incredible example to understand this point in a more practical and realistic manner is the personality of Abram from the old testament, who increasingly followed God’s guidance. However, just like many of us, he was not perfectly able to listen and be obedient. God in His mercy, enabled Abram to grow in faith as he experienced God’s faithfulness – an amazing assurance.

Please visit my YouTube channel on a reflection that focusses on God’s Will.

How do we understand that God fully expects His will to be done on the earth as it is in heaven?

Are we in God’s Plan? Do we know what God’s plan is for each of us? Are we in God’s plan?

God's Game Plan | Northstar Church

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