My dad had an administrative role in a private school, a school with rich history and tradition and very much an attraction to many for multiple reasons.

We had guests visiting us from Canada and as being the typical host, my dad gave them a tour of the school and dropped the visitors in the city to get through with some souvenir shopping. That evening, dad had a function in the school and as he entered the premises, he was surrounded by police personnel who requested him to report to the police station and, escorted him immediately, leaving his wife totally bewildered.

I was informed of the situation and rushed to the police station only to be helpless and frustrated to find my dad locked in a smelly cell with many others who were arrested during the day, pending inquiries. Never had I ever expected anything of this nature in my entire life. I was suddenly very scared and trembling, I had no idea what to ask or do.

Beds, kettles and books: How hunger strikes changed the cells of  Palestinian prisoners | Middle East Eye

It turned out that the reason for this situation was linked to the function in the school that evening. The ‘Chief Guest’ or guest of honor for this event was an eminent politician and they were questioning dad as to why he was photographing the premises with his Canadian guest. The country was under a state of ’emergency’ and the security of all officials was at stake.

I spent the rest of the evening trying hard to convince the police of the situation, leading to ‘deaf’ ears. The function needed to be over, the politician needed to remain safe for a few hours before any action could have been taken (I learned about this only the following day). I had to make numerous calls to seek help and eventually returned home that night totally helpless, desperate and ‘dead scared’ as to what they would do to my dad; would I see him in the morning?, will they transfer him somewhere else? and, a million other concerns. Add to this, my mom was hysterical, my family was worried and we were helpless indeed.

As I lay in bed awake through the night, I pursued my time with my God, I knew that I just had to rest in Him as we were not at all guilty of doing any wrong, it clearly was a total misunderstanding. I prayed that night with expectation that things will get resolved and Dad would be home the next day. Knowing that dad was in a cell was scary and worrying, yet, I had to believe that something good was to come.

Know God, No Fear. No God, Know Fear

Sure enough, the day began with the first miracle when I received a phone call early in the morning to report to the office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), I was given an opportunity to explain the situation! As soon as I finished explaining, the DIG looked at me and said ‘this is clearly a mistake, we are very sorry, please return to the police station and I will inform them to expect you’. I rushed with expectation and reached the police station. Dad was already released and we were able to return home and give God the praise for his safety and safe return home!

Boy, was that a night for us!

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  1. Praise God! He is truly our present help in time of need. We can be fearless in Christ who fights the battle for us. Sometimes we just need to be still and know that He is God..

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