My Nation – Going through hell?

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

Sunday again today? Oh…. what happened last Sunday, was it not a remembrance of the Resurrection, Easter Sunday? It was a happy and glorious day until the explosions rocked the churches, 350+ lives lost, many injured and still in hospitals, so much bloodshed, so much panic and so much fear, people are stuck in their homes afraid to walk out…..

We know this well that when we’re in the thick of it—facing these circumstances, we experience this “I just don’t know what to do” feeling? Most of us do, maybe all of us. The thing is, we actually do know what to do—we know exactly what to do. It’s just hard, in these moments, to remember . . . and to trust.

But, the hard part for us who believe is that we must remember and trust our triune God. He sees and He knows . . . and sometimes He allows. I know, we cannot accept this but we learn each day that we must not be “surprised at the fiery trial,” “as though something strange were happening”. When He allows hardship, though, it’s always for good—even if that’s not, at first, very obvious, its our testing of faith to produce Perseverance.

Last Sunday was Easter Sunday, we were all celebrating the resurrection, something that is so important for our salvation story; without it, we are all just “wasting our time” following Christ if he did not rise from the grave, there was bloodshed in the nation. This day for me the MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF REMEMBRANCE, and so it is in many a Christians life, and THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS is the most important TRUTH! The world has no excuse if we ignore this truth– after all the resurrection is celebrated worldwide and what a day to be selected by people to kill and destroy? We know that for us, there is Heaven. But we also know that to get there, we must know the real truth. My heart breaks to know that so many lives were lost and I cry out asking if all those lives will be in Heaven? Everyone who believes in Him receives FORGIVENESS OF SINS – the greatest need of all mankind and we are saved only by Grace, and this is what assured us of Heaven.

As the country battles to overcome, much is being said, critics are rampant, finger pointing is everywhere, the security is on full alert and people are living in fear. Something interesting was shared in Parliament by the opposition, he was bold, people listened, he was not interrupted, he was a true witness.

Can we agree and can we face the many disappointments of life because He is RISEN? The greatest news for us is that we can look forward to an amazing eternal life with HIM despite all that goes around us! Do we know the truth that matters most? Do we know that if we have Jesus, we have everything and we do not have to be afraid? People are worried about their life insurance, their safety, their savings and their future, but if we don’t have Jesus, we really have nothing.

As our nation mourns, as we are shaken and moved beyond words can explain, as we take one day at a time knowing how difficult things are today and as we have moved into the first week after the terrible destruction, can we all be reminded of the great future we have, made possible because of Him who died and rose again? Because Jesus is alive, we can face our problems and we have a greater story to tell, that is and this is the only story we have to talk about!

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