Francis Chan, a very inspiring preacher challenged me, his question was what were my thoughts when I was alone?

At home I am never alone but, this is all the more relevant when I travel out of home on work. Going to bed and waking up is alone, and these are the times that various ideas flow through my mind.

Once the days work is done and is back to just being with myself, keeping the mind occupied is the ultimate goal. If it’s been a mind boggling day, the hotel lobby or bar would be a good place to relax or catch up with an office mate or friend. Its a good time to strategise and draw plans alone for the future of the company or catch up with emails that are always accumulating! Thoughts of going to the spa certainly pops up too.

In the morning when I am awake, a run around the block can help sweat it all out and get ready for the new day!

The realization however is that when alone, my thoughts are all focused on myself and whilst this seems absolutely fine and that’s probably the most logical thing to do, I am now encouraged and challenged to think otherwise!

As a child, my longing was to be with my father and mother, this was my security. Now as an adult, my security is managed by myself and what is being reminded is that in these private moments there is also the tendency to fall into sin, lust, greed, selfishness and much more.

Therefore, can these moments be converted to call upon my Abba Father and be in His awesome presence? My purpose on this earth is to be His disciple and to be able to fulfil His purpose, I need to know His word deeply, which helps me to know the real truth and be set free!

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