We met a fellow countryman, he had decided to make the sacrifice of working outside the home country whilst the rest of his family remained home due to education and the broader family network. One year ago, we were at this same crossroad, wondering what was best. Its a very tough decision to make.

Last evening we decided that we must cook some dinner and visit our friend, just being with him and making him feel at home was very much appreciated by him. In the few hours we were with him, we listened, we discussed, we discovered how small the world was and our boys even upgraded his tech skills by introducing him to different social media platforms, helping him to stay connected with all that was going around him!

Can we take a moment to consider the people in our life? Is there anyone I can risk being brave enough to go deeper in relationship with? Call them today! Just like for me, if there’s an opening, just show up. Just take with you yourself! All we need to do is listen and seek to know and understand our friend better, it will do them so much good!

There was this inner feeling of encouragement I got, that there is power in presence. In the same way that God is with us, is it not possible to demonstrate His character and nature when we choose to be with others? When I think back of last night, I am just convinced that presence provides comfort, care, and a sense of security to others.

We are not here to solve life’s problems nor do we have the answer to life’s problems, and we don’t have to act like we do. I just felt like wanting to be with my new found friend, as he processed his life, and all we as a family can do is look to God for His help.

We are so caught up in our own world of activities and responsibilities that we seem to be inside this dark hole where we forget that friendship is crucial as we navigate life. We’re all hungry for meaningful connection and the kind of relationship where we can raid each other’s fridge and keep no hidden agenda. We want to be received ‘just as we are’ and we want to be encouraged to grow into who God created us to be. I just felt how much I was able to find God more, as we devoted to be with a friend and share a little bit of love.

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