Uncommon Human Beings!

Tj Todd is the CEO / Creative Director at Studio490 based in Charlotte, NC and the Creative Director and Web Designer for Uncommen.org and this gentlemen has inspired me through his writings and helped me think of the role of uncommon men and women on this earth.

As Tj Todd puts it, “we are called to set the bar high and then take that into the world to have an influence in our job, community, country, and the world.”

I am thinking of my current responsibilities in my workplace, we are in a stage of recruiting talented individuals and the first step generally is to ensure we have a Job Description in place for the position. This JD clearly specifies and elaborates the role, the experience needed and the training undergone. We seldom give focus to the need for dependability and trust.

My desire always has been to talk about what our purpose is, why do we exist here on earth and why do we actually come to work?

So in reality, life is not just about our job only, its also about our community, our country and the world at large. Tj Todd asks a valid question, when was the last time I got involved in a community project or did something meaningful for my country? Nothing much in the recent past is my answer.

Change requires us to be willing to get outside our box and serve others. Only by serving others will others see an example of what it means to be someone uncommon.


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