It’s been an exciting and amazing week for us, two momentous events were observed and celebrated and we wanted to share this with you.


Cindy and I got baptized!

For us, baptism is ‘identification’, it is a personal and public identification with our lord Jesus, with His death, with His burial, and with His resurrection. Whilst we understand this, we also know that baptism doesn’t save us, our salvation is only possible through our individual faith and what we want to do is clearly to be ‘identified’.

Our testimony

Cindy and I were born into Christian families who were very devout and, both our parents being traditional Catholic and Episcopal, fervently ensured that they would have all of us baptized as infants. Their belief, as well as ours as we grew up to be adults, was that infant baptism is a sacrament which does the cancellation of original sin from Adam and Eve. We always understood that this was our parents appeal to God to save us children from sin. This was the same intention we had for our own two son’s when they were born.

We were excited to take this step because baptism is our personal testimony! It is an indication that our passage in life is moving from the old life of sin to a new life with Jesus and that we can further demonstrate our connection with our brothers and sisters in Christ and on April 17th, on resurrection Sunday, Cindy and I were baptized amid all our church family and friends!

Just like Cindy and me, if you were baptized as a child and feel that our parents wish was that we are saved for good, can we encourage you – we now can identify with Jesus, you too can publicly declare your faith as an adult! If it wasn’t for the cross and, because of the cross, we are no longer slaves to sin!

25th Wedding Anniversary

Our Neighbour baked this MASARAP cake for us!

Time does pass, we reached an amazing milestone, not that each day is not precious, just that society celebrates milestones, and we used this opportunity to thank God in the company of our friends of His goodness and faithfulness!

Our thoughts were drawn to what Paul said and, as we have also just come from celebrating His resurrection, God loved us so much so that He sent Jesus to die to cover the cost of our sins! We ought to offer a similar response by loving others. Just as Jesus offered unconditional love through His sacrifice, we believers are to offer similar love based on God’s example rather than our feelings or the actions of others.

We therefore tried to invite family and friends near and dear to us, those who have impacted us deeply. We wanted to share this special moment with them, and we truly were able to have a great evening, thanking and praising God for His goodness indeed! We thank all our friends who agreed to contribute in cash or kind towards the CRIBS FOUNDATION ( in antipolo, there is no better way to share your loving gifts with the less fortunate, we are deeply touched by your love!

Our visit to hand over the gifts and contributions at CRIBS

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