Truth Test

What is the truth test?

In epistemology, criteria of truth (or tests of truth) are standards and rules used to judge the accuracy of statements and claims. … The rules of logic have no ability to distinguish truth on their own. An individual must determine what standards distinguish truth from falsehood.

A couple of us were in a discussion about out thoughts. We were asked the question on which of our thoughts usually head in the wrong direction and rests in a specific ‘destination’ that can be negative or provoking? We discussed what these negative or provoking responses would be like – it was either a form of depression, anxiety, anger, immoral choices, rage, comparison, jealousy or ‘what not’!

We thought about this for a moment, we examined what was ‘bothering’ us at this very present time which was getting a negative reaction from us. As for me, right now, I want this pandemic to ‘GO AWAY’ and I asked myself sincerely “does this thought get me worked up every time I think of it” and yes, that was my answer!

I now ask myself, “Do you mean that I can cross-examine this ‘pandemic’ thought of mine and practice this ‘Truth Test'”, Seriously??

I am very thankful for this learning, I am able to look at the pandemic in a way that it should not affect me emotionally as I can see that there are some things that are beyond my control.

Our son shared with us of how when he was struggling during his final year of college, he was able to seek refuge in this verse – ‘Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always.’ He also shared this beautiful quote (embedded in the image) that sums it all up perfectly!

Many of our thoughts can head in the wrong direction. Let’s not allow it to take control of ourselves, use the Truth Test and be encouraged! You may visit my YouTube channel to listen to this devotion:

Visit my YouTube playlist for additional devotions:

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  1. Very encouraging and a reminder to trust in the Lord in all our circumstances. My faith in God is the only thing that keeps me sane right now. Thanks for sharing.

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